How This Diwali Is More Special

Happy Diwali diyas

Read this full article to know how this Diwali is more special than previous years Diwali.

Diwali is the biggest festival of India. People of every religion celebrate it with great enthusiasm. Every year, Diwali is celebrated in every part of India with great enthusiasm but this year Diwali is more special. I discussed all points which makes this Diwali more special than previous Diwalis and what makes its a opportunity to grow better. Let’s start.

First Big festival after unlocking of the nation:

Corona Pandemic affected everybody’s life severely. It didn’t caused severe¬†economic disruption only, it affected our mental heath too. After lockdown, this is first big festival which is going to be celebrated with great enthusiasm. This time celebration of Diwali will be very reliving activity because it will help people to improve financially and mentally. So celebrate this Diwali to eliminate stress from your life.

Opportunity for people to improve Financial condition:

Person selling Diwali items with wearing mask

On previous years Diwali, Not all the people were not financially weak. But on this Diwali, all small or big business person are financially weak because of Pandemic. Every one wants to improve financial conditions, so this Diwali is a opportunity for the same. People wants to buy gifts and other things to celebrate Diwali with their near and dears. One can sell sweets, candles, gifts, fire crackers to improve their financial condition this Diwali.

A big opportunity to spread happiness in your circles in this difficult time of pandemic:-

This pandemic has affected the people mentally severely. People mental health is not good because of pandemic. People want to live happily as before and want to spread happiness all around to improve their mental heath. This Diwali is a big opportunity to spread happiness in this difficult time.

A opportunity to help poor:-

This pandemic affected the poor more severely than others. Because rich or middle class people were not earning in lockdown but were able to have their daily meals but poor are still struggling for food. So this Diwali is a opportunity to help poor.

A opportunity for people to pray to God for welfare of our world:

Form the Pandemic. What people learnt is nature can finish life on earth anytime because of our greedy actions against the nature. So our world needs prayers for its welfare. This Diwali is opportunity to pray to God heartedly for welfare of our world.

I hope you’ll not miss this opportunity to celebrate Diwali to grow better.

Happy Diwali to you and your Family, May this Diwali fill your life with eternal happiness.

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